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SWTORApps Known Issues (UPDATED: 6/1/17)

LudwigVanCoverLudwigVanCover Administrator, Staff
edited June 2 in SWTORApps Support
[Updated 6/1/17]

  • Real time gear calculations are currently not implemented
  • Tooltips are currently not implemented
  • Some character classes may not have the proper option to select an armoring, barrel, hilt, etc. for their mainhand or offhand
  • The item database result window may take longer than ten seconds to return a search result
  • Javascript is required. Some portions of the tool will cease to function if you have Javascript disabled. This is usually not the case for most browsers, as javascript is enabled. An error message should display if you have javascript disabled. 

  • Buttons located underneath your username when you are logged in are currently blending in with the background - this is not intended
  • Signatures are sometimes not properly placed correctly underneath a post
  • When creating or editing a post, the option to use the fullscreen editor does not properly function

SSO ("Single Sign-on")
  • Please allow your browser to properly redirect as you login, as our SSO system is currently logging you into all of SWTORApps
  • Please do not block the following URL:

Davison | Primary Programmer
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