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Guild Name: Legacy


Type: PvE/PvP/RP/Conquest


Voice: Discord

Recruiting: 18+ Mature Players



Greetings all,

Legacy is an alliance of Sith, ex-Imperial Intelligence agents, ex-Imperial Navy officers, and Mandalorians who have banded together to fight back against the Immortal Empire of Zakuul. Frustrated with Empress Acina and the crushing yoke of Zakuul on the once-powerful Sith Empire and on the galaxy at large, Legacy arose from a desire to protect and retain individual and important ideals of all factions of the Sith Empire. With the crumbling Imperial and Republic governments cowering in the face of Zakuul, many have risen up together to protect what is theirs and always will be.

The members of Legacy, thrown together during a time of turmoil and bound together by a common purpose and understanding, live by their Code:

“Different, but equal.

Equality is strength.

Strength becomes victory.

Victory becomes justice.”

Together, the original Sith, Mandalorians, and members of the Directorate who founded Legacy used guerilla-style tactics to strike at Zakuul and weaken their hold on the galaxy. Through their actions, they have inspired many to follow them and enlist in their cause. Learning from their past mistakes of allowing too much power to be consolidated in the hands of one powerful, insane ruler or in a group of Sith more concerned with jostling for individual power, the Legacy govern themselves based on the merits of the individual Imperator and the strength of the whole Consulate.

To ascend in rank within the guild a member must complete a set of requirements per rank. These requirements are set forth by the Progenitors and may evolve via majority vote of the Consul. The requirements shall be clearly stated and followed by the member and approved only by Imperator, Consul or Prefect. To attain Sub-officer rank, a member must first attain the rank of Citizen. For a member to attain the officer Rank of Consul the member must have attain the rank of Tribune an have been a Praetor.

We run weekly events involving PVE/PVP/RP and Conquest, our guild calendar is constantly filled with events for all members to engage in. We have dedicated officers who cater to the members in order to improve game play experience for the guild.

The ruling body of the guild includes the Imperator and Consuls. The positions are for a term of only Four months, broken into three terms in a year. An officer can serve a limit of two consecutive terms then must rest for one term before they can serve again.

Looking for progression raiding? We got it!

Progression not your thing and you just want to do stress free operation runs? We do that too!

Looking for ranked PvP teams? We got that too

Looking for just random PvP sometimes even drunk? Yup you guessed it we got that as well.

Want to run Flashpoints? Kill World Bosses? Again we do all of that.

Are you a alt-aholic? Well guess what we cater to that too alts are welcomed!

We use Discord frequently rather it is for friendly discussions, PvP matches, or operations. discord however is only required for progression runs, but we do like to strongly encourage members to use discord from time to time. Our website is extremely active with members posing guides on all aspects of the game for the betterment of the new members who are starting SWTOR for the first time. It is guaranteed that if we are not in game we are on our website.

If you are looking for a calm, stress free place to hang out with like minded people away from drama, or to simply socialize and grow with a dedicated guild for the players by the players who actually still care about this game then Legacy is the waiting for you!

Come start a Legacy

If interested in joining or learning more about our Guild, Visit our Guild website and Fill out an application, a Officer will contact you within 24 hours of Submitting the Application.


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