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Email Provider & New Ticketing System - Updates This Week

serveradminserveradmin Administrator

We will be updating our email services this week - we are looking at doing this Friday Morning, 12pm EST. SWTORApps will be down as emails will not be able to be sent during this process. Currently, emails sent from SWTORApps come from the following addresses:
We will be updating our backend. As such, we ask that you whitelist the following domains once we conclude our provider update:
  • (staff, support, oriented accounts)
  • (mostly No-Reply/Notification accounts)
The old email addresses never accepted replies, but it should be noted that they will be disabled.

Staff email addresses will also be updated. We will update the information on the site, but here is a preview of what the new addresses will look like:

Account and Donation Support: [email protected]
General Support: [email protected]

[All support questions will now be handled via [email protected] rather than separate email addresses as it is currently set up. Emails sent to the old email addresses will not be read/forwarded].

At some point, we will enable our new support ticketing system. Once you send an email to our new support address, a new support ticket will be created. You will be replied with a ticket number. This will allow for better management of support requests.

~ The SWTORApps Team
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