Stating in 5.0 (and reworked in 5.1), gearing in SWTOR may not be as simple as you once may have remembered it. In order to acquire gear with setbonuses, there are a few steps one must take. First, you must either acquire Unassembled Gear via Operations (all modes) or from Unassembled Components, which are acquired from Warzones, Arenas, and Galactic Starfighter.

Once you have an Unassembled Gear piece, you will need to trade that piece (as well as Command Tokens, received from opening CXP crates) to a vendor to finally receive your specific piece of setbonus gear. There are three tiers of gear. To progress to the next tier of gear, you will need to trade in the previous tier's Unassembled Gear piece and Command Tokens. For example, you only need to spend Command Tokens for Tier I gear. Tier Gear II required a Tier I Unassembled Piece and Command Tokens. A Tier III piece requires a Tier II Unassembled Piece and Command Tokens.

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Unassembled Components' Information

  • Warzomes | WIN - 5 | LOSS - 2
  • Arenas | WIN - 3 | LOSS - 1
  • Solo Ranked | WIN - 5 | LOSS - 2
  • Group Ranked | WIN - 8 | LOSS - 3
  • Galactic Starflghter | WIN - 8 | LOSS - 3

  • Unassembled Gear Pieces from Operations

  • 1st Boss | 20% Chance to Drop
  • 2nd Boss | 25% Chance to Drop
  • 3rd Boss | 30% Chance to Drop
  • 4th Boss | 35% Chance to Drop
  • 5th Boss | 100% Chance to Drop

  • Story Mode | Tier I Unassembled Gear drops ONLY
  • Veteran Mode | Tier II Unassembled Gear drops ONLY
  • Master Mode | Tier III Unassembled Gear drops ONLY